GNSS Raw Data simulator

What is

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GOOD Sim (GNSS Outer Orbits Data Simulator) has been conceived starting from needs for the design and development of innovative algorithms and solutions for navigation in Space. For this, the following main needs and areas of application have been considered.

CAPABILITIES (Type of Simulations)

GOOD Sim has the following capabilities, i.e. can perform the following simulations:


User Satellite Precise Orbit Propagation (LEO, SSO, MEO, GEO, HEO, MTO)


GNSS Constellations (GPS, Galileo) Precise Orbit Propagation


GNSS Visibility Analysis


Raw Data Generation (code phase, carrier phase, doppler and C/N measurements)


The following environmental errors are modelled in the GOOD Sim:

  • Ionospheric & Tropospheric Errors: considering the passage of the signal through the atmosphere, i.e. taking into account the full length of the passed arc both in ionosphere and in troposphere
  • Receiver & GNSS Satellites’ Clock Noise: the clock errors have been considered for free running clocks
  • Relativity
  • Effect of Dynamic Model Errors on the GNSS measurements

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