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CERTIFLIGHT: a new U-space service

CERTIFLIGHT project proposes a new U-space service enabling the legal recording of tracks generated by UASs and aircrafts flights, through the introduction of a new disruptive EGNSS-IoT digital system.

CERTIFLIGHT features a software platform that offers to its customers (UAS Operators, GA Pilots) a digital service for the generation of certified reports of flight tracks and the flight logs of their UASs and their GA aircrafts, especially for safety related and commercially valuable applications, paving the way for a new class of U-space business services that include the activation of Smart Contracts (i.e. contracts activated when specific conditions are met as flying specific routes for drone parcel delivery).

In addition, the recorded tracks may be useful for enforcement (i.e., sanctions for airspace infringement) as well as for possible accident or incident investigations. The core of the system is a digital EGNSS/IoT device installed on UASs and GA manned aircraft, equipped with an OSNMA Galileo/EGNOS enabled receiver, capable to guarantee the authenticity of their position information at the origin, without the possibility to be counterfeited or spoofed. Tracking information is cyphered for transmission to CERTIFLIGHT platform in real time and permanently stored to a private Blockchain node, unalterable once stored. Galileo OSNMA service acts as unique global enabler for this service, ensuring the authenticity of positioning data at the origin.


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Consortium Members

  • TopView (IT – Coordinator)
  • UpVision (CZ)
  • Eurousc (ES/IT)
  • ARIA United (RO)
  • TU Delft (NL)
  • TSP (IT)
  • D-Flight (IT)
  • DTA (IT)
  • UnyFly (BE)

WAY4WARD Activities

WAY4WARD, is in charge of the development of 2 innovative functions: the Authenticated Position Propagation and the GNSS Spoofing Detection. The first aims to determine, with the use of GNSS and IMU data, the best and reliable trajectory between two positions computed using the Galileo OSNMA service. The second aims to analyse and prototype a technique to detect spoofing attacks on the GNSS signals by using Supervised Machine Learning technique on the GNSS raw data.


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